Don’t Overthink it….we’ve got you covered!

Our entertaining philosophy is to not strive for perfection, but to create an atmosphere of fun to inspire meaningful memories. We believe the tablescape sets the mood for a successful event. Whether you are hosting a sit down gathering or a buffet style event, our linens and accessories transform the ordinary card tables/existing tables into the extraordinary. Your table is your personality..let it shine!

Tip 1: COLOR CRUSH Pick a color and pattern for your base linens. This could be "theme" driven, or simply because you were told blue was your color…pick what speaks to you at the moment and keep it unified.

Tip 2: TEXTURE TOUCHES Mix and Match! Use patterns and textures to play off each other, for example rattan placemats, napkin rings and accessories give a natural texture that grounds patterns. Votives and Candle sticks are a key element to layering and creating various heights. We also 💙 using fresh fruit as accent pieces to be freestanding or placed in bowls. Pick those that coordinate with your colors. Incorporate some whimsical collectibles you may have throughout the tablescapes, such as crystal butterflies, or silver seashells and coral, depending on the occasion. Whatever makes it unique!

Tip 3: FLOWER POWER While professional arrangements always make us swoon, we feel you can also achieve a big impact even with store bought flowers. Pick a color from the linens and arrange a bunch of tulips or hydrangeas or mix an arrangement of flowers in the same color tones. Use beautiful blue and white jars for your containers or any unique vessel/vase. Then pull out a pop of color and put in smaller bud vases to be sprinkled around the table. Bud vases fill in spots and balance your table….and when don’t more flowers automatically put a smile on your face? Hint: our colorful glass votives can also act as beautiful bud vases. Or buy plants/fresh herbs/ topiaries and drop them in our cute raffia orchid baskets. Simple and chic! Double hint: Put your elbow on the table with your fingers extended upwards... your flowers should be no taller than that.

Tip 4: MUSIC TO OUR EARS! Just like the tablescape is a feast for your eyes, we believe music is equally important in setting the mood..and lucky for you we can help with that too!!!


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